1. tcannoncomics:

    Victus 3 WIP.  Mr Owl’s home revealed along with a new character, debuting in Victus 4.

    So close.  Only 3 pages left.

  2. wondersaremany:

    リアル (REAL)
    井上雄彦 (Inoue Takehiko), 2011. 集英社 (Shueisha Inc.).

  3. noahvansciver:

    So, here we go again. 30 days of diary comics. Number one. 

  5. Breath of Fire IV
    Hironobu Takeshita, Makoto Ikehara, Tatsuya Yoshikawa et al., 2000. Capcom Co., Ltd.

  6. Lewis S05E01: “Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things”
    Nicholas Renton, Russell Lewis et al., 2011. ITV plc.

  7. (Source: unomoralez)

  8. La giovinezza
    Hugo Pratt, 1981, 2001. Rizzoli Lizard.

  9. Starman #80
    James Robinson, Peter Snejbjerg, Bill Oakley, Gregory Wright and Jamison, 2001. DC Comics

  10. tcannoncomics:

    Gave this drawing of Franky to my pal Daniel Warren Johnson last night.  He’s the one that got me hooked on the pentel brush pen (which I used to do this)